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Sex Sells – Why You Need to Make Money Online Fast With a New Website

Deciding to install your own company is a fantastic and liberating experience. To be free of the binds of their daily grind to the office, politics, the corporate ladder and direction restrain the only real option is to break loose and put yourself. Having your business you’re starting an exciting venture out of scratch, construction slowly at first, then scaling to the point at which you are able to get wealthy and free to devote time in which you want. Therefore, the way to get started?

The very first and most important situs poker online terpercaya is that which niche to begin your own online business in. You have two main avenues to return, both mainstream large volume sites that will interest a huge crowd, or even a distinct segment,”longtail” organizations that will interest a very small group of users.

Decide whether you are interested in finding a small business that may grow and eventually become your career, or simply a website which may earn you only a little additional cash at the same time you chase you main classes elsewhere. A frequent mistake of new entrepreneurs is always to use to do a lot. Instead, accept the fact your first site is just a learning experience and certainly will soon be far from perfect. Use it in order to examine out an idea, and then be prepared to scrap it and start again a few months later on. There really is no substitute for just”having a chance”.

Your next decision is going to be to decide on a distinct segment. Again, choose exactly what you want from the site. If you’re likely to own this because your flagship business then you definitely wont impress your prospective new girl friend when you explain you run an online porn site! Alternatively if it’s only a site you would love to install and watch the money flow in, then adhere to the golden money makers on the web. Gender, Gambling/Casinos, or even ways to earn money for your web visitors.

Whatever you are doing, explore your site, look at competitors, learn the fundamentals, and then just get started. With some patience and a little sprinkling of good luck you will soon be in your path to your own business.


Poker Hand Odds – Learn That Matches Give You the Best Likelihood Of Winning!

In a poker match, your percent of possibilities of profitable gains when you understand your comparative strength against poker hands chances.

No matter if you’re a skilled or amateur, then the proportion of winning using a hand remains are the very same. Thus, the optimal/optimally strategy by way is to calculate this percent and then find out your own poker hand chances and also potency in a comparative pace 3 kings.

Have a look:

Poker Employed Could be Made – No. Of Ways the Hand – Odds of Obtaining the Hand

Royal Flush – 4 – inch at 649,740.00
Straight-flush – 3 6 – 1 at 72,193.33
Number of a Kind – 624 – 1 in 4,165.00
Total household – 3,744 – inch at 694.16
Flush – 5,108 – inch in 508.80
un – 10,200 – inch at 254.80
Three of the sort – 54,912 – inch in 47.32
Two Pairs – 123,552 – inch in 21.03
a single Pair – 1,098,240 – 1 in 2.36
no-pair Hand – 1,302,540 – 1 in 1.99

By the above mentioned, an individual could easily calculate poker hand odds and also identify his odds before gearing up. Luck plays an important role however poker can be a match of

. Having the hand and learning how to use it is 1 ability that any fantastic poker player must hone.

Competent poker players earn their benefit over amateur players due to of poker hand chances. Capable poker players have been obsessed as compared to those that play like amateurs.

In a poker hands odds, endurance is certainly a virtue. You must be patient and educated enough to await the most effective hands and also make your relocation in the ideal time.

Specifying the right palms to supply you with the very best likelihood of winning can be trademarks of you are not a mathematical person. It needs numerical investigation among different matters. To get a non-math individual, computation may be intricate.

To make things less difficult and uncomplicated, you will find applications programs that you are able to download from the net which can perform all of the needed poker hands chances calculations so that you will have the ability to know the very best palms to give you the very best probability of successful. Thus you not only count upon your hunches, intuition, and basic calculation. In the event you realize your odds or winning ratio, then then it’s possible to play it correctly and increase your winning.

You can be exact as being a calculator at boosting your opportunities winning together with these applications programs. They are able to provide audio poker advice plus to calculate complex pot adds that can make you secure the game . Moreover using these tools, you will have the ability to minimize the anxiety about doing rapid calculations in a game.

Now, there are two kinds of these tools: (1) software programs that may quickly be downloaded in the internet; (2) the pocket form you could bring around anywhere that you play the game.

Poker hand chances are still the same as when the game arise. The gamers now are only luckier as they could avail of particular tools which reinforce their opportunities winning in order that they can always play all odds.


Online Poker Technique Which Works for Almost Any Participant

More and more people are participating in on line poker, even despite its own legal troubles. Whether you are a expert veteran, a newcomer who only starts playing, or somewhere in betweenyou want to increase your own poker match continuously so that you can win a lot more than you eliminate. With no right plans , you can be certain that you will be out played by additional players that also eager to invest your hard earned money. Your match plan, combined with the right tools such as pot odd calculators, a great deal of exercise, and luck is likely to cause you to be a much better poker player. Here Are Some Useful Suggestions to Aid in Improving your poker skills:

Engage in tight. This may be the optimal/optimally information for beginners, span. Think about this, poker can be a game of statistics; unless the game is rigged, players that have been possess the best hand in the beginning may win the majority of time. The idea of taking part in tight is to enable you make a simple decision whether to fold or maintain your cards in most betting round. Much like A-A, K-K, qq, and alike, are considered to be the most effective starting hands . Meaning if you’re playing only these sort of hands, then you are going to earn money at the end of the day. But many newbie players aren’t affected person to wait around for these cards ahead of time, therefore they’re playing garbage hands which just empty their bankroll. Next time you sit within an online poker space, choose a space that is filled with players who will unconsciously provide you their dollars situs poker.

Focus on your circumstance. Poker can be a brain sport which requires concentration, amazing memory, and a skill to bluff. It’s true that player who act past will get a greater gain over other poker players that behave before him. This really is only because he has a possiblity to find the others’ response until he’s got to create any determination, so it’s a good notion to play more hands in late position and throw off all of your hands when you are able. Having stated this, sitting on the left side of the great player will be far better as you are able to determine what his activity would be until it’s necessary to place your chips at the table. Again, the thought of this poker strategy is to enable your final decision making process much easier in most betting round.

Pay more consideration on drawing hands. Fitting hands imply if you would like an additional card to make a huge combination like flush, directly, or complete property. You have to know always how many cards may allow you to earn that fantastic combination and beat your competitors. Regrettably, perhaps not all of drawing hands are treated the same. For instance, 5-6-7-8 could get a greater prospect of earning a straight than 5-7-8-9. The reason is obviously clear, 5-6-7-8 is likely to earn a straight with 4 AND 9, giving you 2 outs, as opposed to 5-7-8-9 that is likely to earn a direct ONLY together 6. Being aware of poker odds constantly will certainly make your job far easier whether to fold or hold your hand. This can be the guideline, in case your possibility of getting your out is bigger compared to pot oddsyou must telephone. About the flip side, in case your possibility of having your card is smaller, then you want to fold instantly.

So there you’ve got it. In the event you employ those plans, you are going to win more funds than you also lose. There was absolutely no motive to express”I am a lousy poker player” on your own. Sure, luck plays a role in poker, but again, poker is still a casino game of the statistics. There are particular proportions whether or perhaps your hands will acquire by that end as far as I am aware, absolutely nothing may avoid those numbers from taking place. As I said early in the day, adventure can help you play , and nobody can coach you on have. It’s mandatory that you earn it on your own. When you do, then it is guaranteed you’ll play poker a lot better. Surprisingly, an experienced

‘s intuition is 70%-80% proper!! Imagine being able to”guess” your opponents’ cards and also get it right 8 times out of 10.


Custom Online Poker Computers Are Big Business

Participating in in online poker casinos and rooms has ever been a favorite pastime, even as the beginning of the notion of enjoying poker on the internet. Through time the alternatives and characteristics available on those websites, in addition to the cost shot over the consumers computer from each one the whistles and bells obtainable as a result of the net and may render the ball player needing to improve far more usually than they are able to in fact afford.

When it may look a very simple thing to perform in online poker rooms and casinos, even the player needs to remember that a number of the advanced players perform multiple tables, and also in online poker rooms and casinos like Fulltiltpoker.comup to 1-5 tables in the same time could be used. Whilst the ball player may properly imaginethe characteristic that’s necessary to create the images and also figure out the info that’s happening behind the scenes, even clear to an individual, needs a solid laptop or computer. But a lot of end users make the error of only going out and purchasing a few offtheshelf product they presume is really sturdy enough.

This really is really a rather short-sighted way of supplying an upcoming calculating base which may endure the test of time, even as pcs progress therefore fast which the obsolete version may get a lot more obsolete promptly. Which may possibly work now is likely to soon be a paper-weight to morrow. Only purchasing off-the-shelf approaches could be the simplest approach to extend the internet poker area player having some type of pc with the capacity of meeting their requirements that are present, nonetheless it’s necessary to be aware that organizations like Dell, IBM as well as other components producers, while still totally acceptable for big businesses and place of work software, are far somewhat less than acceptable to recreational and home functions.

By finding top notch elements and set yourself to some cuttingedge, contemporary day projector, you’re able to cut down on the odds you are going to soon be stuck using less than desired vessel anchor at the next few decades, as opposed to the usual well-equipped, well-built rig which could choose the punishment.

Offtheshelf pcs, notably Dell together with their strange voltage conditions, might be quite hard to update later on. Owning these off-the-shelf equipment, tablets isn’t not an alternative in the event the internet poker space participant is incompetent at building their particular personal Domino99.

Playing internet poker casinos and rooms expects you to are in possession of a sturdy computer which wont wreck everytime plus can be coped with. Pick out enough time and invest in some sum to be sure your livelihood is shielded and also find yourself a habit, cutting-edge computer which may handle contemporary software.


How to Play Poker – What I Learned From Poker Stars

So, where did my poker tournament strategy begin? With the poker stars, of course. Only natural I suppose, since if I was looking to play poker like the pros, one would find books on poker, or poker books online and poker sites. Amazingly, there is a ton of information out there and plenty of books by the pros.

The rules of poker can be overwhelming at first, especially for a novice. The poker chips, poker rules, betting and pace surely got me confused when I first started, but like anything, the more you do it, the easier it becomes Poker Online. Texas hold em poker rules don’t easily lend themselves to a strategy, at first, so reading up on how the pros look at it really started to give me an angle.

My confusion came back as I looked into different poker stars and read more and more. After a while I realized that there were too many differing strategies out there. It seems like they would all work for one reason or another. So how was I to craft MY own strategy? Take bits and pieces from each and use what worked for me? I didn’t know what to do, and a confused mind does nothing.

I guess the only consistent thing I was noticing was that there were distinctly different strategies out there that worked for different poker stars. Now what? The best one can hope for is to take bits and pieces from all of them to finally make your own. How long would that take? What kind of guarantee is there? None, as you’d imagine.

Still though, there was a secret that I found, but not before the realization that what I really have learned from the poker stars is that they each created their own distinct winning poker tournament strategy. I also realized that all that reading still hadn’t fully helped me to define my strategy.

So, what did I ultimately do to become a contender? I used the secret. I promise I will detail it next time because the important thing I want to stress about what I did find out about studying the pros is that they are each different with different skills and views and therefore different strategies. Remember that because it’s pivotal!


The Poker Fish

The game of poker is truly strategic so that as in most games of strategy in this game you’ll find that there are a few weak player along with a few strong players. The strong players devour the weak players and take their money off them. In poker, a weak or undesirable player is referred to as a fish, while a robust or decent player is known as being a shark.

As stated by the law of nature, the shark kills the poorer fish. In exactly the same fashion in poker, the undesirable players get to be the prey of very good player. If you want to survive as a poker player you must get the situs poker terpercaya unless you win match the prospect of your survival becomes less, specially in a championship game in which you want to collect chips.

The winning this game is determined by plan and luck; if you observe right strategy subsequently it’s possible to win the match. Further there isn’t any such absolute best strategy to get every match; whenever you play with you are playing against new players, also different games may require various strategies, the poker shark will be always knowledgeable about the rules of the game also knows every one of the strategies and strategies like dining table placement , the shark takes advantage of these to his advantage the bass has never heard about table placement.

The connotation shark and fish is greatly associated with this specific strategy of the game. As stated by the poker vocabulary, fish is a person who does not know any strategy. While playing with the game the awful player create crazy chases and try to play with long-shot hands. Such bad players depend on the luck to secure the game and they must play against all odds. However the good player has different winning strategy and maintains the ability to get on the game. Lots of new beginners would like to be a master with this particular game at a brief period; they go through lots of articles, reading everything they are and searching web sites to gather information. Remember there is no brief cut in this match; you have to find out every trick and plan.

We can state that the poker imitates the animal kingdom, where you will find both predators and prey coexist alongside. The predators or good payers will seek the victim or the bad players to win the game. It’s the responsibility of the awful player to flee out of the table at right time.


Texas Hold’em Poker – History

Texas Hold’em is one of the most famous and popular casino poker games. But before you start playing, I suggest reading something about the history of the game. There are many theories and stories told, all totally different, but the truth is that no one knows exactly where Texas Hold’em poker comes from, as well as its rules. There is no information telling where exactly the first game took place. We have no written confirmation, but many researchers consider Texas Hold’em rules to be a symbiosis of various game rules.

However, according to legend, the first game was played in Robstown, Texas in the early twentieth century and was first introduced in Dallas in 1925. In 1972, eight players participated in the World Series of Poker. Thirty years later, the big picture changed completely – the players were a hundred times bigger. From then on, poker games, including Texas Hold’em, began to develop globally. Millions of people have tried to win all these years and some of them won during the World Poker Tour.

Probably the popularity of the game comes from the World Series of situs poker online, held annually in Las Vegas since 1970. Texas Hold’em poker was introduced in Las Vegas in 1967 by some Texas players such as Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim. Crandell Addington later wrote a book about the rules and history of No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker. To date, there are over 140 books on Texas Hold’em poker in multiple languages. One of the most popular books is written by David Sklansky, Al Alvarez, Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson, etc. There are many articles, recommendations and information on the net, as well as information from people who love this game very much. The Internet also provides a lot of information about the game and the rules, strategies. There are many possibilities to download the game for free and start playing immediately.

During the years when Texas Hold’em poker developed and its rules are no longer the same as before. The rules have changed a lot. But not just them. The strategies have changed, as have the methods of the game. After the development of Internet technology, Texas Hold’em poker now has many possibilities to be introduced worldwide. Now you don’t have to go to Las Vegas or Nevada to play and enjoy the impressions and feelings players often get during the game. It only takes a few simple actions and you will become one of the Texas Hold’em players: download the game, register and have fun.


Blackjack Super-System: Moneymanagement Chapter

“good sense isn’t so common.” -Voltaire


If you’re going to earn money in blackjack, you must be able your hard earned money perfectly. That is easy to accomplish should you possess discipline. Currency direction is vital. Standard plan and development gambling are additionally crucial. If a player follows those three matters, he or she, has got the capability to turn into a winning and worldclass player.

This chapter employs the example of a $100 guess. If you’re an $5 or even $10 minimum bettor, simply correct the numbers judi online.

Certainly one of the hardest things which could occur to a gambler is he runs out of capital. By figuring out and following guidelines from Blackjack Super-System, you raise your chances of staying for action. The essence of blackjack, is that occasionally, you will find striking swings of losing or winning . The swings related to gambling will be called standard deviation or standard fluctuation. Now you may profit from figuring out what’s natural into the game of blackjack and also utilizing this advice to a benefit.

The people who follow the instructions within this chapter will have a increased chance of profitable and much less possibility at tapping outside. When you have more betting units, you have a greater chance to withstand the conventional alterations inherent from blackjack. You may adhere to the money management guidelines in this particular chapter. It is possible to adhere to the currency management guidelines in Chapter 8 (Brief Bankroll engage in ). You can size your wagers someplace inbetween. Just understand the possible results of your own actions. See on the previous question-and-answer at Chapter 14 (Frequently Asked Questions) pertaining to normal recurrence.

Let’s hypothetically say our intention will be to make $100 minimum wagers. That would make our average buy $1000. A total bankroll collection aside for gaming would be $50,000. For the ordinary individual, it is a lot of funds to set aside for one reason. The money does not need to maintain chips or cash. It might be invested in stocks or some money marketplace.

Let us further assume that a gambler has put aside $50,000 because of his blackjack undertaking, has been studying, and contains played with charted one hundred apply sessions. Today this player is likely his very first two-day trip to a casino. Therefore, he should carry $2,500 to bet with. This is just five sessions of ten components times per $50 minimum stake. I know I claimed we would figure that for some 100 minimum stake, but there is grounds for it particular.

Since we are just starting this project, we need to make sure that we aren’t starting in a longterm thinning trend. We’re doing everything we can to maintain valuable funds. Accepting $2,500 to get a short term vacation is just 5% of the overall bankroll. Professional product traders don’t exceed this quick term risk, nor if you.

Let’s consider three typical situations that could happen:

1. You start winning

2. You remain about even

3. You Get Started losing

Inch. You start winning.

Let’s presume that following having a few excursions to the match we have won. We are currently in advance $1,500. We now have a total chunk of $51,500. Today we are now ahead we are able to boost our bets to normal levels. That really is done using ex-casino cash. Our minimum bets are currently $100. Our bank roll for each two-day trip is now $5,000. This breaks down to five sessions of ten units at $100.

Two-day excursion:

Five periods, $ 1,000 1000 per session $100 minimal bets

Keep gambling as of this degree as long as you remain over your own $50,000 absolute bankroll. At this gambling level, if you should eliminate $3,000 in playing day, quit for that afternoon. Should you get rid of $5,000 for your own trip, you have struck on your stop-loss for that trip. You are done playing for said vacation.

2. You remain approximately even ($50,000 Bank-roll )

Some players will wind up about after a couple of months of playingwith. Againto play it safe, shed your bet to $50 in case a total bankroll is currently at $50,000 or below. Each and every opportunity we get we conserve capital, we do.

Let us say that your bank roll is at $53,000 53,000 right after having a triumph. Today you’re able to boost your stakes to 100 bets. If you are going to your two-day excursion, then take $5,000. With $53,000 you are exceeding $2000 of your original capital and $3,000 of ex-casino funds.

3. You get started dropping.

As mentioned, any-time your bankroll remains at $50,000 or beneath, your guess is currently at $50. Let’s imagine you’re in a very long term negative tendency. Any-time your bankroll falls under $40,000, shed your minimum bets to $25. The negative swings do transpire as the ones that are positive. Don’t let yourself be under the impression they just happen to someone else.

In case your bankroll falls under $40,000, lower your trips to the match in half an hour. Do this and soon you start to succeed. When your own bankroll gets back up to $40,000, then you definitely are able to improve your wagers to $50 and also bring the journeys to the casino back to normal. Cutting on your trips into the match and also dropping your guess measurement will greatly reduce your coverage.

If you should increase your own bankroll to $75,000, you can consider upping your own minimum bets by 50% ($150). Another alternative would be to attend before you hit $100,000 after which double your minimal stakes ($200).

When successful just like this, you might consider playing more often. Doubling your trips (or more) and increasing your wagers might be very profitable of those favorable ordinary changes.

By raising your bets as your bankroll increases along with diminishing your stakes as the bankroll declines, you are after Kelly Criterion formula. This technique is what expert gamblers use to figure out their best bet size. The principles within this chapter are a simplified version.

Adjust the amounts within this chapter to fit your overall bankroll. We’ve covered when to quit playing when losing. Next we’ll go over when to slop actively playing win. We are able to begin by moving over 2 examples that cost me $30,000 above two or two trips. That was in the gambling levels within this chapter.

The first painful occasion occurred at Caesar’s Palace at 1979. I had been playing for just two weeks and has been 13,000. Everything I should have achieved at this aspect was to get my stop in $10,000 in advance. Alternatively , I kept playing and lost that the 13,000 and another $10,000. By not setting a stop in $10,000 beforehand, it will cost me $20,000.

Ten years after at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, ” I did exactly the exact thing. This time I was beforehand $8,000 right after the first moment. I wasn’t able to shed. I won just about every session. I had been temporarily invincible. Then the tide turned. I wasn’t able to win a session. I misplaced at ten straight sessions. This trip was testing my very own self love. Should I’m gambling, etc. (View Chapter 1 2: Mental Edge).

Rather than placing my stop in $5,000 beforehand, it really cost me a second $10,000. I wound up dropping $5,000 when I could have now been $5,000 in advance.

Now you go to the casino to win more money. Once you’re ahead, you’ve realized your own goal. Place your discontinue win after you’re forward. Do not go them stops except up. Keep playing until you hit a stop-win or a stoploss.

Don’t bother yourself with the long-term statistics of tens of thousands of fingers. We are benefiting from of those temporary changes.

Put your stops similar to these examples. Cease playing anytime you achieve a stop.

If you’re intending any one-day trips into the casino, set up your stop-loss for one day at $3,000. That is supposing you might be facing your total bankroll of 50,000. Your one day trip breaks down to about three sessions of $1,000 per using $100 minimum stakes.

1 evening trip:

3 sessions
10 units per year, $1,000 per session
$100 minimum stakes
If your overall bankroll is under $50,000, set your wagers as follows:

One evening excursion:

3 sessions 10 units each, $500 for Each session 50 minimum bets

Only at that stage from this chapter, you must know:

Inch. Total Bank Roll requirements
2. Two-day bankroll specifications
3. 1 day bankroll requirements
4. Setting stop-wins and reduction discontinue
5. Increasing stakes throughout longterm beneficial deviations
6. Decreasing bets during long term negative deviations

Now Let’s Look at a good example of exactly what extent the percentage may be for a Trip to the casino:

Win-Loss Ratio For Aday

Get (s) Loss(so )









In the first example, we shed three sessions and did not get some. This would mean we struck our stoploss for the day and also are ended playing for that particular day.

The following case in point will be when we won one semester and dropped 4. Considering that the dollar amount within this strategy, we lost $4,000 for those 4 sessions. The semester we obtained will probably normally range from $1000 to $4,000. The typical triumph will come in at about $1,600. When our one triumph was only $1,000, we have lost $3,000 for daily and we have hit on our stoploss. In case our one winning session has been 1,600, we may accept $600 and buy for $600 if a second participating in session is needed.

If our sole successful session was 2,000, we would get dropped $2,000 for daily. If another enjoying session is needed, buy for $1,000.

Our maximum weight loss loss is 10 components (roughly $1,000). Never exceed losing a whole lot of thirty models in 1 day. We usually do not limit our wins although.

Let us look in the last illustration of 7 wins and one loss for the day. Losing was 1,000 and also the earnings ( 7 x $1,600 common profit ) could total $11,200 to get a total win of $10,200.

The procedure to follow will be to limit your loss for just about any specific day. Because you can gather in the win-loss ratio, we do not confine the wins. Our ordinary triumph will probably transcend our average loss by using the progress betting procedure and by placing stops. Each perform is broken up to an individual session.


Getting Poker Chips Cheap Without Getting Cheap Poker Chips

If you’re in the market for cheap poker chips, there is a top shelf source for getting your poker chips cheap online. Casino poker chips are found at a great price if you’re in the market for poker chips for cheap without getting cheap poker chips.

When you buy your poker chips cheap, you’re not buying cheap poker chipsĀ  poker online..er, you know what I mean? Again, these are casino quality clay poker chips and chip sets. You’re just getting the most bang for your buck at this place.

With their Jackpot Casino chip sets, the clay composite chips are a full 11.5 grams, giving them the authentic weight and feel of actual casino poker chips But what makes these chips truly unique are their quality graphics. On both sides, all chips have a full-color photo montage of “Fabulous Las Vegas” and its sights, including its famous diamond-shaped sign. “Jackpot Casino” adorns the top of the chip in bold letters. Even denominations are part of these chips’ decorations.

Then there are the Super Diamond clay composite sets. With these you get nothin’ but the real thing: a nine-gram clay composite casino poker chip. These chips feel good when you hold them – and they even sound authentic when they splash in the pot.

This Dice Chip set contains 500 chips that are each 39 mm in diameter and are 11.5 grams in weight. They’re produced from a composite resin and an insert that gives them the weight and feel of a heavy casino quality chip. The detail on these chips is great, too.

Ever thought of calling yourself Big Slick Texas Hold’em? Well, there’s a casino poker chip set named after you before the fact if you do decide to take the name. With the words TEXAS HOLD’EM engraved along the outer rim of the chip as well as the famous “Big Slick” suited hand represented with the Ace and King of Diamonds cards, this is a poker stuff collector’s chip set. But don’t worry–they’re great for playing, too. And, they come in your choice of colors: you’ve got seven to choose from. Again, these are casino sized chips which are 39 mm in diameter casino and 11.5 grams in weight, made from a composite resin and an insert to give them that weight and feel of a heavy casino quality chip.

The poker chips in their Landmark Casino set are made with the same materials and to the same weight and size. But these chips feature a custom hot stamp. You can choose from pre-stamped denominations anywhere from 10 cents to $500.

If you’re a high roller, they’ve even got a poker chip set just for you. Again, the chips in their High Roller set are made the same as above to give you that authentic casino feel. What makes them unique, however, is the high quality graphic that is embedded as part of the chip. This ain’t not sticker graphic, and it won’t be peeling off–it’s an integrated part of the chip. The 5, 25, 50, and 100 have a poker hand sporting a Royal Flush, each in a different suit. The 1 chip sports a spectacular hand of 4 Aces. What’s more, these poker chips already have the denominations on them but are not locked into being either dollars or cents. The 5, 25, 50, and 1 chip can be used as either Dollars or Cents, making them extremely versatile for the user.